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Join the QUEST

The 3 Rivers QUEST is currently seeking citizen-based groups, conservation districts, watershed associations, individuals, and middle to high schools who are interested in participating in long- term water quality monitoring.

Interested groups/individuals from throughout the Monongahela River Basin, Allegheny River Basin and Upper Ohio River Basin are welcomed to join the QUEST.

To participate, you must be willing to collect, at a minimum, data on water temperature, pH, and conductivity, and upload the resulting data to the 3RQ Data Management Tool (DMT). The data will then be displayed on the 3 Rivers QUEST data map.

To get involved, contact us and find a QUEST Coordinator in your region! Interested schools can participate in our education initiative ‘3RQ REACH 4Schools’. More information can be found here.

Want to see who’s involved in your area? Check out the groups that have already joined the QUEST.

Man sampling river water.

3 Rivers QUEST Volunteer Organizations organize a coordinated effort of individuals to help collect information on, at the least, water temperature, pH, and conductivity


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