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What is 3 Rivers QUEST?

QUEST, or Quality Useful Environmental Study Teams is a water quality monitoring and reporting program that includes two distinct, yet collaborative approaches to collecting water quality data and information:

3RQ Research Partners

Led by the West Virginia Water Research Institute at West Virginia University, this component of the QUEST program includes a regimented program of monthly water quality sampling. Sampling takes place on the mainstem and mouths of major tributaries of the Monongahela, Allegheny, and Ohio rivers and includes a full detailed laboratory analysis of the samples. This detailed water chemistry and flow information is used to determine the loading of Total Dissolved Solids and other parameters.

3RQ Members 

3RQ Members throughout the region provide an important contribution to the goals of 3RQ. This is a coordinated effort of grassroots organizations such as watershed associations, conservation districts, individuals, and schools that contribute to the collection of important water quality data in additional tributaries and headwater streams of the three rivers basin. 3RQ Members collect, at a minimum, data on conductivity, pH, and water temperature. Many groups collect additional parameters, including laboratory analyses, depending on their goals and needs. The results are uploaded to the 3RQ WATERS database. Through this partnership, groups that are already collecting data share it with 3RQ to contribute to the data set and provide a better overall picture of the health of three river basin. In turn, groups have free, long-term storage of their data and dissemination through 3RQ's maps.

Geographical Scope

The 3RQ project covers 3 river basins: Allegheny, Monongahela, and Upper Ohio. The map below shows both the scope of the project and details the sub basins.

Infographic showing watersheds

Check Out Our Maps

Explore 3RQ's monitoring data as well as data uploaded by watershed groups throughout the Upper Ohio River Basin.



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