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Help 3RQ continue to monitor more of the Upper Ohio River Basin. It will allow us to continue to engage schools, municipalities, watershed organizations, and citizens by providing them with an improved database, more equipment, and lab analyses—all aimed at protecting our waterways and our health.


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3RQ Maps

New Maps Are Here! Click to see data from watershed groups, Reach 4Schools, TDS yearly averages and more!

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Chemistry With Dr. Z

Watch our resident water quality expert, Dr. Paul Ziemkiewicz, as he discusses a variety of water quality related topics in this informational video series called “Chemistry with Dr. Z.”

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3RQ Volunteer Groups

We are seeking citizen-based groups who are interested in participating in the 3RQ program! Interested groups from throughout the Monongahela River Basin, Allegheny River Basin and Upper Ohio River Basin are welcomed to join the QUEST.

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Our Rivers

Allegheny River

Allegheny River Basin

The Allegheny River Basin is a primary tributary of the Ohio River along with the Monongahela River. The two converge in downtown Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River. The Allegheny River itself is 325 miles long has a drainage area of 11,600 square miles.

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Monongahela River

Monongahela River Basin

The Monongahela River originates in north-central West Virginia and flows north through south-western Pennsylvania to Pittsburgh where it meets the Allegheny River to form the Ohio River. It is 128 miles long with a drainage basin of 7,340 square miles.

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Ohio River

Ohio River Basin

The Ohio River is formed by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela River in downtown Pittsburgh, PA. The river is 981 miles long and flows to the Mississippi River at Cairo, IL. For the 3RQ program, our focus is on the Upper Ohio River Basin.

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What is the 3 Rivers Quest?

Water: One of our most precious and vital resources, it is essential for life and economic prosperity. Yet so many of the activities that keep our economy alive and growing also threaten our water resources.

At the West Virginia Water Research Institute, we understand how essential clean water is to our way of life. We work to establish programs and new initiatives that help to develop new technologies and inform policy to keep our water protected. It is this dedication to clean water that was the catalyst for the long-term, comprehensive water quality monitoring and reporting program we call Three Rivers QUEST (3RQ).

The 3RQ project monitors rivers, tributaries and headwater streams that drain an area of over 25,000 square miles in five states. It brings together academic researchers, citizen scientists, and conservation groups to collect, analyze, and monitor important water quality data. This data is displayed on the 3RQ website and can be seen here. This data is displayed to provide the public, other researchers, federal and state agencies, and industry with timely and accurate information as it pertains to the overall health of our local rivers and streams.


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