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How to Report a Spill or Fish Kill

If you witness or suspect a chemical or oil spill, or see many dead fish in a localized area, it is important to immediately contact the appropriate authorities. An issue is not known or investigated until it is reported. Since impacts to streams and rivers happen suddenly, quick notification is vital to reduce the amount of damage done.

The more information when reporting, the better. If possible, include:
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Specific location of the spill
  • Date and time of release or your discovery
  • Identity of spill material
  • Photos and videos
PADEP Hotline: 1-800-541-2050
PFBC Hotline: 1-855-347-4545

West Virginia
WVDEP Hotline:  1-800-642-3074

 ODNR Tip Hotline: 1-800-POACHER

Please share the following images to raise awareness:
How to report a fish kill/spill in WV
How to report a fish kill or spill in PA
How to report a fish kill or spill in Ohio lakes and streams


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