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3RQ Region Northern Allegheny

Bruce Dickson

Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited (PA)

I’ve been kicking around the upper Allegheny River for many years having grown up on a farm near the confluence of French Creek and the Allegheny at Franklin. I’ve duck hunted, trapped, canoed, and fished the Allegheny and many of its major tributaries. Living on a farm and being outdoors naturally led to a career in ecology. I attended Penn State, Slippery Rock, and Clarion University before receiving my last degree at the University of Illinois. My formal education ultimately focused on stream ecology and fisheries research. I’m currently a member of the Iron Furnace Chapter of Trout Unlimited where I coordinate and manage our water quality monitoring programs. Many of the locations that IFTU is monitoring as part of the 3RQ program are in places that I first visited with my parents while on camping trips in the 60s and 70s. Today I live along the wild and scenic Allegheny River on the south end of Allegheny National Forest and take my son to many of those same, special places.

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