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New Projects Unveiled at First 3RQ Virtual Roundtable

In the first session of the Three Rivers Quest (3RQ) virtual roundtable, presenters discussed the 3RQ Generating Awareness for Project Success (GAPS) program as well as unveiled the new 3RQ Mapping Tool! Both projects have been developed with the goal of aiding watershed organizations within our service area.

First, Melissa O’Neal, associate director of the WV Water Research Institute (WVWRI), discussed the Generating Awareness for Project Success (GAPS) program through 3RQ and the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds (FPW). GAPS is to assist grass-roots organizations with preparing and applying for successful remediation projects through aid in monitoring, analysis, technical assistance, and securing funding. More information for this program can be found here.

Additionally, Maureen “Mo” Ghee and Eliza Siefert of WVWRI presented the Beta 3RQ Mapping Tool and WATERS to highlight how both tools can help watershed groups in proposal and report writing. The 3RQ Mapping Tool compiles information from government agencies, NGOs, and many other organizations with the goal of compiling datasets across state lines within the Ohio River basin. WATERS can be used to house water quality data, as well as create graphics from the data. More information on the Beta 3RQ Mapping Tool can be found here, and more information on WATERS can be found here.

Make sure to join us on January 5th at 10am for the second session of the 3RQ Virtual Roundtable which will be focusing on urban watersheds! Click here to register.


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